Getting enough of that 'vitamin sunshine'

Getting enough of that 'vitamin sunshine'
Did you know that, contrary to its name, Vitamin D is actually a hormone, as it can be produced in our bodies? The 'sunshine vitamin' is important for facilitating normal immune system function, and vital for both bone and brain health. 


One of the easiest ways to get enough Vitamin D is to safely spend time outdoors in the sun. When the sun isn't shining and a vacation to warmer climates may not be on the itinerary, you can up your levels via either diet or supplementation. 

What can cause lower levels of Vitamin D?

Lack of sun exposure, air pollution, lack of dietary sources, older age, darker skin colour, obesity, impaired digestive function, and kidney or liver conditions can all impact your levels of Vitamin D.

Can you get it through food?

Vitamin D does occur naturally in a few foods, but only animal products contain D3, which is slightly more potent than the D2 that comes from plant-based sources. The choices are limited, especially for vegans, but you can try working more of the following into your diet:

  • salmon
  • sardines
  • egg yolks
  • shrimp 
  • beef liver
  • mushrooms

In addition, look for foods and beverages that have been fortified with vitamin D, including orange juice, milk, soy milk, and yogurts.

What to look for in a supplement

If you're a meat-eater, look for Vitamin D3 as it is said to be more bioavailable and potent. For vegans, Vitamin D2 can be just as effective at treating deficiency and you can search for options derived from plants or mushrooms instead of animal-products. Ora offers an organic, plant-based Vitamin D in tablet form.

Not all supplements are created equal, so be aware of the brand you're purchasing and research the additional ingredients they use. Some soft gels are made of soy or corn oil which can contain GMOs. You may prefer finding options that have olive oil, for example, as the carrier, or choosing a tablet-form.

If only flights could be claimed on those Health Spending Accounts! 

As always, we at Loba share information for entertainment and educational purposes only. We’ll discuss products and regimens that we like and have worked for us, but everyone and every body is different. We are not medical practitioners. Please be sure to consult a physician and/or a naturopath prior to beginning any diet, supplementation, or health regimen.

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