Final Sale

Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns or exchanges due to food safe/hygiene reasons and the nature of products stored in Loba. Exchange/return policies are noted on the product pages.

Prior to purchase, please ensure to read and understand this policy as well as all System Requirements to connect to and run your Loba device.


We are very happy to offer a 30-date warranty from date of delivery on all Loba Smart Pill Organizers.

If for any reason your Loba is non-functioning or defective, please email us right away at

In your email, please provide our team with the following:

  • Order Number
  • Date of purchase
  • Email address associated with your Loba App account
  • The make and model of your smartphone device
  • Your smartphone's software version
  • Describe the problem you are experiencing
    • Please provide as many details as possible, including what troubleshooting you have attempted from the Customer Support page

You may be asked to provide further specific information, and our tech team will run through a troubleshooting procedure prior to deeming the device as defective and for a warranty replacement or return to be processed.