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Inspired by ritual

Emulating the feeling of cherished daily rituals and infusing it in taking your supplements for better health.

Our Story

“These pill organizers are perfect to help keep the timing of your supplements and medications straight. Invest in your health and make things simple.”

Dr Jenna Creaser, MD

“I believe that Loba will play a very important role in our wellness.”

Dr Bobby Parmar, ND RAC

“What I love most about Loba is that it doesn’t choose functionality over aesthetic - it is a perfect combination of both.”

Dr Sam Bowen, ND
Loba daily compartment for pill organizing on the go

Made to fit your life

Loba features a compartment for each day of the week, with both an AM and PM side for those who take pills twice daily. Re-arrange the compartments in the base depending on when you like to start your week.

Remove and put in your purse, backpack, or briefcase when you're on the move - no more lugging around an entire week of supplements!

Stylish and smart pill organizer with application

Designed for your space

Loba was designed to compliment your home whether placed on the kitchen counter, bedside table, or bathroom vanity.

With high-end finishes and LED lights that create a warm, ambient glow, we know you'll love seeing Loba light up when it's time to take your pills.

Smart pil organizer app

Supported by technology

Loba connects over Bluetooth to your mobile phone via our App, allowing you to set twice daily reminders for when you need to take your supplements.

Your Loba will illuminate and send a friendly reminder to your mobile device.

Never forget to take your supplements again

Loba™ is currently in development and will start at $175 CDN | $145 USD.

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Our Contribution

Loba's Contribution Philosophy includes serving on non-profit boards, the ongoing mentorship of young women in business, and donating a portion of profits to the Coalition of Rainforest Nations.

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