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Our Story

Loba was founded, designed and developed in Vancouver, Canada.

The idea for Loba was initially conceived when Founder Kate Bouchard was beginning her own health journey. To complement traditional medical care, she started a naturopathic treatment plan that included vitamins and supplementation.
However, when looking for a way to organize them, there were no products to suit both her needs and her aesthetic, let alone one that helped people remember to take their pills. So, she made her own.

Inspired by ritual

At Loba, we want to emulate the feeling of cherished daily rituals and infuse it in taking your supplements for better health.

Supportive of your health and wellness

Forming and maintaining healthy habits can be a challenge in today's world. Loba was created to encourage a positive sentiment around taking your pills in support of your path to wellness.

As beautiful as the life our customers are creating for themselves

Home should be a sanctuary, so it was important for us to design a pill organizer that is as beautiful as the spaces our customers curate for themselves.

Making the world a better place

Growing up, our Founder's parents taught her to leave each place a little better than she found it. She's strived to hold true to that ever since. Loba's Contribution Philosophy includes our leadership team serving on non-profit boards, the ongoing mentorship of young women in business, and donating a portion of profits to the Coalition of Rainforest Nations. You can read more, here.

Considerate of our impact

The footprint we leave on our planet cannot go unconsidered.

When designing Loba, we did our research and investigated how we could reduce our environmental impact. We looked at various forms of bioplastics, different materials, and composites. What we discovered is that much of these options are actually "greenwashed" - meaning they are marketed in a way that may be deceiving. For example, most products labelling themselves as "bioplastics" are a combination of natural materials (ie. bamboo or straw) and plastic. It means that at end of life, they can't be recycled (because of the natural materials in it), and they also don't decompose (because of the plastic in it).

"At the end of the day, reusable and refillable alternatives will always conquer single-use plastic throwaways, plant-based or not. The hierarchy should always remain: reducereuse and refill, and finally, if you must create disposable waste, recycle." -

At Loba, we promise to always consider our impact and be fully transparent. The majority of plastics we use in our manufacturing process will be recyclable - meaning they can be broken down and reused. And when it comes to packaging, your Loba will come in 100% recyclable cardboard boxes.

In addition, we will be developing a Sustainability Plan that outlines our intentions for our first 5 years of business, including purchasing carbon offsets to become net-zero after our first full year of production.