Embracing the darker months

Embracing the darker months

Darker months are officially upon us. As we get less sunlight and work to fight off the SADs, it's easy to lament the cold and rain. Instead, how do we embrace the natural cycle of the seasons and lean into the darkness of the months ahead?

Here are five things to consider:

Winterize your workout program

When we move inside during the colder times of year, it may be necessary to reevaluate your workout program. Going for an evening run or neighbourhood walk is much harder when it's cold and dark out.

Consider signing up for a new indoor class with a friend to switch up the routine. Rather than high-intensity cardio, you may choose to introduce a strength-program to build muscle and increase metabolism throughout the day. Explore the possibility of cold-weather activities such as skiing or snowshoeing with friends to truly embrace winer.

Adjust your bed and wakeup times

As the sun sets earlier until Winter Solstice, embrace going to bed earlier, too. Start your bedtime routine after you finish dinner by turning off devices or using dark mode. Get into bed 30 minutes earlier than normal and cozy up with a good book, or incorporate a hot bath or nighttime yoga into your routine.

It's completely normal to struggle with waking up early when there's no light streaming through the windows. Consider what you can  do to ease into the morning in a more mindful way. It may mean setting the alarm 15 minutes earlier so you can lounge a bit in bed before getting started with your day.

Buy in-season produce from local farmers markets

Choosing produce that's in-season and locally grown can do wonders for your health, your community, and the environment. Eating in-season ensures you're getting nutritionally dense, delicious tasting food. Search online for local winter farmers markets and make an afternoon of browsing the stalls.

Eat intuitively

Fall and winter are the perfect time of year to introduce new, healthy comfort food recipes to your repertoire. Move from smoothies to bone broth, and salads to soups or stews. Cook with in season ingredients and your food will taste better, too.

Listen to your body

Last but not least, ask your body what it needs. Let go of guilt around sleeping later on dark, rainy days and moving your body in less intense, more mindful ways.

If you're in need of inspiration for other ways to embrace the darker season, we've curated a Pinterest Board with recipes, products, and photography to help you lean in to fall and winter.

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