3 easy switches for better health

3 easy switches for better health

Working towards a big health goal can be intimidating. There might be multiple habits and behavior patterns that require adjustment in order to be successful. No one would blame you for feeling overwhelmed on occasion with everything you need to stay on top of. 

Counting calories, carbs, and macronutrients.
Pounds and inches.
Miles and steps. 
How many servings of fruits and vegetables?
Then there’s minutes of movement. Meditation.
Hours of sleep per day. 

It’s a lot. But the good news is that one healthier habit leads to another once we start seeing results. Start small and work up from there. 

If you’re just starting out, we invite you to try these 3 easy switches you can make for better health.

Swap soft drinks for SPARKING WATER

Part of the appeal of soft drinks is the immediate feeling of refreshment that carbonation brings. But as we know, the sugar and chemicals found in pop does your body, (and your brain) no favours. If you love the fizz, simply switch sodas for sparkling water. 

Add flavour by infusing with fresh fruit like strawberries and raspberries or some fresh mint and lemon. It’ll be an adjustment at first, but is an easy one that makes a big impact.

Switch potato chips for homemade KALE CHIPS

There’s something oh-so-addictive about the crunch that accompanies your favourite bag of chips. Part of the positive experience we have with food comes from variety in texture. Think about it - a plain bowl of porridge without toppings is boring - but if you add smooth peanut butter, blueberries and some chia seeds - bam! Oatmeal becomes a delicious meal. We love crunch because a monotexture plate has no interest

Try replacing a potato chip obsession with healthier crunchy foods. Kale chips are easy to make at home and take no time at all, plus have similar salty/umami vibes. Not into Kale? Fresh, cold grapes may satisfy that crunch craving. 

Forgo the Elevator for the STAIRS

Step counts have plummeted with many of us working from home, sitting at a desk all day. With our modern lifestyle, it’s more important than ever to get up and move our bodies throughout the day. 

One thing we can do is be more conscious of opportunities to take the stairs. Rather than following the crowd to an elevator or escalator, head on over to the staircase. You can even make a game of it by challenging yourself to beat the escalator goers to the top.


By starting with even small changes, we prove to ourselves that we are able to achieve health goals, which can give us the confidence we need to keep going when things get tough!

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