Wellness apps we love

Wellness apps we love

With the pandemic lingering and COVID-19 following us into fall for a second time, many will forgo gyms and in-person classes, looking elsewhere for their health and wellness regimen. Thankfully, technology gives us access to workouts, classes, routines, meditations, and personal coaching right in the palm of our hands.

Self-guided wellness doesn’t mean you’re alone in it! Here are some of the health and wellness apps we turn to on the regular for support:



Meditation and sleep made simple. Headspace is a great option for beginners and long-time meditators alike. If you have just a few minutes each day, this app will lead you through guided recordings for stress, mindfulness, or sleep. With over 70M app downloads worldwide, Headspace can help anyone to learn to meditate and live mindfully.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is the the #1 free app for sleep, anxiety and stress. With more than 100,000 guided meditations led by all types of teachers across the globe, Insight gives you access to a huge collection of varied content. Looking for a new moon meditation? What about something music-focused and unguided? Users can browse based on various filters and categories to find exactly what they’re looking for? We love using the timer itself within the app to get a quick 3-5 minute session in for the day.


Coaching is proven to help drive clarity, confidence, wellbeing, and emotional intelligence, and Sphere is aiming to make coaching more accessible by offering end-to-end coaching, right in your pocket for as little as $79/month. Complete an intake survey and Sphere will match you with the right coaches to support you on your path. Once matched, each guide offers free 15 minute consults, so you can meet and speak with them directly before making the decision about who to work with.



Founded by powerhouse Payal Kadakia, Classpass allows access to multiple studios and fitness centers in your area with one, simple monthly membership. If COVID concerns in your area are high and you prefer keeping your distance, Classpass now offers access to on-demand at home workouts that you can do from the safety and comfort of your own home. 


Know what you want to focus your workout on, but have limited time and would like some guidance? 7M is a great option. With this free, circuit-style app, you can workout anytime, anywhere with no equipment. Choose from focus areas such as Core, Butt, or Upper Body and select how many 7 minute sets you’re up for. The app also allows you to customize your workouts by adding exercises to create your own circuit.


Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers give you insight into activity and the metrics of your day. From steps and distance to calories burned and active minutes, see your daily progress each day and over time. In addition to heart-rate and exercise tracking, Fitbit allows you to record your sleep to get a better rest each night.

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