Practical tips for practicing self-love

Practical tips for practicing self-love

By Renee Wood

We all know that self-love can change our lives and that we should prioritize it daily. It’s become a mainstream conversation with the viral sensation of Brene Brown’s research work and major companies promoting it in advertising. By now, you’ve most likely heard the data and research that backs the power of self-love  - including increased motivation, less anxiety, decreased depression, and greater satisfaction. But how do we practice this overwhelmingly broad and intangible concept? Mel Robbins has researched and created a simple, every day practice that can change your life. Here are the basics:

The habit that changes everything

The High Five Habit:

  1. Look in the mirror (because of the extreme lack of self-love, this is often the most challenging part for people. In Mel Robin's research study, 50% of people most people can’t do it.)
  2. Raise your hand, and high-five your reflection.
  3. Don’t say anything. Just watch yourself do the action.
  4. You may laugh or feel silly as your brain releases dopamine.
  5. You may cry if you haven't been kind to yourself for years.
  6. Repeat every morning.

It takes five days to have a breakthrough in self-love.

According to science, this is the fastest way to rewire your brain and reprogram how you treat yourself. Start your day with this habit and send yourself into the day set up for success.

If you want to dive further into this process and habit, check out Mel Robin's podcast or order her book here. It's a great way to kickstart your new self-love journey. But that isn’t where it stops. Self-love is practiced throughout the day, in every moment. You are talking kinder to yourself, forgiving yourself, and practicing self-care.

Bonus exercise

At the end of the day, once again, in the mirror, tell yourself one thing you like about yourself. Most assume this means physical compliment, but don’t limit yourself. Think about your character too. Maybe you’re a good listener, a hard worker or can break the tension with a joke.

Again, it will be hard at first, but over time, finding things you love about yourself will become more natural and more effortless.

The facts

The fact is that the more critical and harder we are on ourselves, the less successful and happy we will be. The good news is that it’s entirely in our power to change. We can start practicing new routines and develop more compassion, self-love, and satisfaction. Since society has conditioned us for years to be hard on ourselves; this won’t be an overnight journey. Be gentle with yourself and keep trying. 

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