Getting your greens

Getting your greens

We are constantly told to eat more greens, but do you know what vitamins and nutrients are found in them? And how they directly benefit your overall wellbeing? 

Consuming more leafy greens can: 

  • Increase immunity (Vitamins A, C, and E)
  • Promote healing (Vitamin C & Chlorophyl) 
  • Improve fertility and help promote normal fetal development (Folate) 
  • Decrease the risks of osteoporosis, diabetes, colorectal cancer, and cardiovascular disease (All of the above plus Magnesium and Potassium)
  • Reduce inflammation (Fibre)

But aside from consuming raw spinach all day, how do we incorporate more of these vitamin-packed fruits and legumes in our diets in a way that is as delicious as it is nourishing?

1. Start your day with a green smoothie

Evive green smoothie

Get your greens in first thing by blending them with almond or oat milk, a frozen banana, some peanut butter and your favourite protein power for a delicious and easy way to incorporate these vitamin-packed superfoods into your day. If you like a little more direction, there are tons of recipes available online. One of our favourites is Jillian Harris' recipe which includes creamy avocado and coconut oil. 

Don't feel like making one yourself? Evive sells pre-blended smoothie cubes that, when mixed with your favourite dairy alternative, don't require a blender. Pop the cubes out into a glass, cover with almond milk and let sit for 20 minutes while you hop in the shower. Give them a quick stir and, voila!

Available in grocery stores and online

2. Try a greens powder

Easy Being Green Ora Green Powder

Feeling a little low on energy? Making up for earlier sins? Powders are an excellent option for a quick, healthy hit of vitamins and nutrients. Our favourite is Ora's 'Easy Being Green' Powder. This certified organic greens powder is made from over 20 veggies, grasses, herbs, algae and superfoods, helping you get the greens you need and perfect for sneaking extra nutrients. Gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan, it'll meet all your dietary requirements. 

While it's easy to add to a smoothie, with a slight taste of citrus and sweetness  from wheatgrass powder, we tend to add it directly to water and enjoy as a tea, either hot or on ice.

3. Add spinach or kale to your dishes 

Kale Mac and Cheese

These ingredients are easy to incorporate into your favourite comfort foods. Try chopping kale up finely adding to a home-made Mac and Cheese, or follow this recipe from Food and Wine. You can also spinach at the last minute to pasta sauces, curries, and more for a bit of green! 

Are you a snacker? Roast large pieces of kale in the oven with a little olive oil and sea salt to make kale chips. Enjoy in the afternoon to get you through from lunch to dinner.


Finding ways to incorporate greens into your diet every day is a great way to up your intake of essential vitamins and nutrients and support your overall health and wellbeing.

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