Maintaining a daily practice while travelling

Maintaining a daily practice while travelling

We speak a lot amongst the Loba team about our daily practices. Call it what you want - healthy habits, routines, programme, rituals - having a daily practice helps us show up to more often as the best version of ourselves.

Every morning we wake up with various demands pulling our attention away from self, whether it's social media and text messages pinging on our phones, work emails coming in at all hours of the morning and night, family and social obligations, or more. Implementing (and the harder part, maintaining) daily practice helps ground us in the energies we most want to vibrate at.

Maintaining a daily practice while on the road can throw a real wrench in any healthy habit streak you may be on.

Since many of us have experienced various levels of lock-down the last years, travelling hasn’t been the reality. But as we (fingers crossed!) see borders open back up and travel become more accessible again, how do we continue with the daily routines we’ve found to be useful and healthy?

Don’t get us wrong. Sometimes vacations are ALL about breaking the routine. You may just want to throw caution to the wind, enjoy unlimited cocktails at the pool, pause that workout regimen and stay up till the wee hours of the morning.  Cool. We’re all for doing what you need, when you need it. Follow your heart and let loose!

Speaking to those who are travelling but don’t feel their best when living so free and easy, the question persists - how do we maintain a daily practice when outside of our typical environment?

What if your hotel doesn’t have a gym? Or you can’t cook for yourself and will be eating out for weeks on end? Others may experience gut issues from over indulging.

Here are some ways we've found help us stay true to our healthy habits while on the road:

Organize vitamins and supplements before you leave

Our number one tip is to stick with your vitamin and supplement routine while travelling. Supplementation takes consistency and time to see improvements to health. The easiest way to ensure your body continues getting what it needs is to prepare in advance by sorting pills for each day you're away. If you don't already take a probiotic, we suggest finding one that works for you in advance of leaving and incorporating into your trip to keep things moving smoothly.

Take the guesswork out of it. Loba's daily compartments are travel friendly and our app will remind you when you're away from home. In the meantime while waiting for pre-order delivery, we're improvising with baggies and old pill organizers from yesteryear.

Bring snacks

There's nothing worse than having to choose between hunger or unhealthy food options when you're 30,000 feet in the air. Airports and planes are not known for their selection of fresh food options. Pack healthy snacks like fruit and nuts (if permitted), clean protein bars, powders, and options you can turn to in a pinch.

Pack lightweight workout equipment

You probably don't want to check dumbbells in your luggage. Instead, pack lightweight exercise bands with various levels of resistance. Compact and flexible, these can even fit in your carry-on!

Create a vacation workout playlist on Youtube 

Curate your own workout routine by saving short, 10-15 minute exercise videos  that you can do from anywhere. This prevents the need to scroll through Youtube trying to find something that suits your mood, saving precious time by the pool for later.


Review menus before choosing a restaurant

Before heading out, peruse restaurant menus online - it may impact your decision on where to eat. We're also more likely to make healthy choices once we arrive if we know what we're going to select in advance.

Walk, walk, and walk some more 

Getting 10,000 or more steps in every day is the single easiest way to maintain health. Luckily, when travelling you're likely hitting the city streets multiple times a day and exploring new neighbourhoods alongside culture. Get those steps in and embrace going by foot. 


We hope this quick list of tips for making future travel a little bit healthier has been helpful! Here's to much more exploring and adventuring in the near collective future.

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