We're thrilled to be opening sales for pre-orders! A few policies and terms and conditions which, upon completion of a purchase, you indicate your agreement to and understanding of:

  • Placing a Pre-Order: Loba is currently being manufactured and in placing a pre-order, we are making your Loba Pill Organizer especially for you. As such, we cannot offer cancellations or refunds on pre-orders.
  • Delivery: It is estimated that Loba will be delivered to customers in Summer 2022. However, due to the current international shipping challenges and COVID-19, it is understood that there may be some changes in delivery timelines. We will keep customers informed along the way. We do guarantee that you will receive your Loba, and of course if for some reason you don't, your funds will be returned to you.
  • Address Changes: If your address changes between pre-order and shipping dates, it is your responsibility to notify us by emailing contact@shoploba.com. We will update your address in the system and advise of any additional shipping charges.
  • Exchange Policy: We do not offer refunds or exchanges.
  • Warranty: If for any reason your Loba is non-functioning or defective, please email us right away at contact@shoploba.com. We offer a 30 day warranty on our products, in this case, from date of delivery.